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Strawberry Farm Berry Berry Berry

About our Farm

At Strawberry Farm Berry Berry Berry, we manage our greenhouses according to the weather of the day (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, fertilizer, etc.) in order to create an optimal environment for strawberries.

We want customers to enjoy strawberries in their most delicious state.
With that thought, we offer perfectly ripe strawberries that are bright red right up to the very edge of their stems.

Introduction to strawberry varieties



It has a mild sourness and a mellow sweetness.
It has a pleasant, elegant and refreshing aroma, and can be enjoyed for a long period of time from November to May.

Beni hoppe

Beni hoppeSale only

This strawberry was born in Shizuoka Prefecture and has a beautiful red skin.
It was named “Beni hoppe” because of its taste which has a perfect balance of sourness and sweetness that could make your cheeks fall.


AmarinSale only

Premium strawberries that can only be tasted in Saitama Prefecture.
It is one of the best strawberry varieties in terms of sweetness rather than sourness, and its sugar content is in the top class among strawberry varieties.

Shinku no Misuzu

Shinku no MisuzuSale only

This is a rare variety of which the best time to eat is when it turns dark in color, and is also known as “Black Strawberry”.
Rich in anthocyanins, highly nutritious, and rich in everything.
These strawberries are rare and have high value as they are not widely available.

Tenshi no Ichigo

Tenshi no IchigoSale only

A rare variety with white flesh and red seeds, which has only been produced by few farms.
It is less sour and has a mellow sweetness that you wouldn't expect from a strawberry.

About reservations for strawberry picking

Inside Strawberry house

There are two types of strawberry picking available.

Customers can either come directly to our farm and enjoy strawberry picking only or you can join one-day bus tour which includes strawberry picking at our farm.

Strawberry picking can be enjoyed from around December to late June every year.