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StoryStrawberry and Bus story

The parent company of Strawberry Farm Berry Berry Berry is a bus company called Heisei Enterprise.
Why did a bus company start a farm?
Why was Berry Berry Berry created?

Bus image

Buses are an important infrastructure and industrial base for transportation and tourism, but they have emission problems.
Takura, CEO of Heisei Enterprises, thought about this.
Our corporate philosophy is “To make everyone involved happy”.
Furthermore, our mission is to develop community-based businesses to revitalize the community and further contribute to SDGs.
Besides upgrading the bus itself to a clean version, is there anything else that can be done?

“Yes, let’s create a sustainable business that is kind to the earth!”

Berry Berry Berry was born from Takura's thoughts.
Heisei Enterprise is a bus company. A company that can operate a farm must be primarily an agricultural company.
So we decided to create a separate company, “Berry Berry Berry”, and enter the farming industry.

Under the name “VIP Tour”, Heisei Enterprise has been operating a lot of one-day tour buses. Fruit picking, especially strawberry picking, is always a big hit! Cute strawberries and beautiful facilities are the reasons why a lot of customers enjoy this experience tour. Takura visited many strawberry farms and decided, “If I were going to start a farm, I'd definitely go for a strawberry farm!”
We decided to locate our strawberry farm in Kazo because there was an abundance of farmland around our Kazo office, and because strawberry cultivation was once popular in this area, we decided to attract customers to Kazo with strawberries once again. We asked neighboring landowners to lend us their land.
It took 3 years to open. After receiving many connections, Berry Berry Berry was finally able to welcome customers in December 2022.
The connections and feelings are put into each and every strawberry. We welcome everyone, hoping to make the most delicious strawberries and bring smiles to as many customers as possible!

CEO Takura

Berry Berry Berry parent company

Heisei Enterprise,Inc.
CEO Kimi Takura

Berry Berry Berry Okafuji

Message from the President

Nice to meet you! This is Okafuji from Berry Berry Berry.

A bus company has recently started a strawberry farm.
We were able to rent a large area of land behind our Kazo branch, which is rich in nature, from a neighboring landowner, and thanks to everyone who met our cultivation manager and cooperated with us, we are able to grow strawberries today.

We dedicate ourselves to “hospitality” and “creating products” that satisfy customers, and in order to give back to those who have helped us, we will continue to create strawberries that are impressive to look at and to eat.

Berry Berry Berry Co., Ltd. 
President Atsushi Okafuji

Farm manager Honda

Message from the Farm manager

Berry Berry Berry Co., Ltd. 
Farm manager Mamoru Honda

I am Mamoru, the Farm manager. Born in 2001! (single!)
The president of the bus company Heisei Enterprise asked me, “Would you like to do strawberry cultivation?” and I started learning about strawberry cultivation.

Trained under “Strawberry Master” Naoki Yanagisawa in Oshika Village, Nagano Prefecture. Then, after training at “Hiro Farm” in Kasukabe, I became the farm manager of Berry Berry Berry Co., Ltd.
I am doing my research everyday to become a Strawberry Master.

We look forward to your visit as we will continue to grow delicious strawberries by applying the knowledge and skills we have accquired through training to each and every strawberry.

About reservations for strawberry picking

Inside Strawberry house

There are two types of strawberry picking available.

Customers can either come directly to our farm and enjoy strawberry picking only or you can join one-day bus tour which includes strawberry picking at our farm.

Strawberry picking can be enjoyed from around December to late June every year.